Patching Asphalt

Reis Asphalt, Inc. provides a number of services to residential and commercial customers with regard to asphalt driveways and parking lots including installing brand new pavement, resurfacing or overlaying existing pavement and patching or repairing asphalt pavement.

The extreme weather conditions that come with a typical New England winter can take a toll on local driveways, roadways and parking lots. As a result, patching or repairing asphalt pavement can be the most cost-effective solution for problem areas that include cracks or deterioration. In this section we will focus on the process involved in patching or repairing asphalt pavement.

Methods Used in Asphalt Patching

There are several different methods used at Reis Asphalt to repair or patch damaged asphalt pavement. Various methods are applied depending upon the condition of the overall surface, as well as the severity of the deterioration.

Method #1 – Excavate, Remove and Replace

We utilize this particular method for areas that have damaged asphalt pavement that is so severe that it must be removed before repairs can be done. A minimum of 12-inches beyond the deteriorated and broken area must be removed to ensure that all of the weak areas are gone. The base is then re-stabilized before the new asphalt is paved and compacted.  This method is most effective with potholes, particularly areas that have standing water or birdpaths; or alligator cracking, which is a condition that is caused by an unstable base or by repetitive traffic loads that are heavier than the road was built to withstand. If these issues are not addressed then the damage will expand and become more severe.

Method #2 – Infrared Thermal Bond Patching

This method involves reheating a deteriorated section of the asphalt pavement and then blending it with brand new asphalt to create a seamless patch.

Method #3 – Surface Patching

This method requires for a partial depth of damaged asphalt to be removed by milling the surface of the pavement. The damaged area is then cleaned before new asphalt is installed.  This method works well in areas where the damage is not very deep or severe.

When Reis Asphalt evaluates your asphalt during the initial consultation, we will recommend a method to fix the problem and  prevent additional damage to the area.

Common Causes of Asphalt Patching and Repairs

The winter months can wreak havoc on pavement. Water infiltration, freezing and warming conditions can all cause cracking and deterioration. When this happens, it is important to quickly repair or patch the damage before it becomes worse. Some of the types of damage that are most commonly seen include:

  • Potholes – The expansion of the ice in the winter, which is followed by melting and re-freezing as temperatures fluctuate, are what cause potholes to grow from what started out as a low areas, holes, voids and other common issues.
  • Sagging or Low Spots – This type of problem is typically caused by improper drainage, which can lead to water infiltration, as well as excessive weight on the affected area.
  • Sunken Areas – These issues are generally caused by strategic design problems or from an inadequate compaction of backfill in the excavation site during the initial construction of the home or garage.
  • Edge Damage – Improper drainage can cause water to wash away the sub-base underneath the edges of a driveway or parking lot and cause the asphalt to crumble and deteriorate.

Widen and Extend Your Driveway or Parking Lot

Clients that have an existing asphalt driveway or parking lot that is in good condition might want to expand the surface area to create more space. Residential clients will need to make room for parking a boat or for their new teenage drivers adjacent to the existing driveway. Commercial clients may want to add another driveway or expand on the existing parking lot to accommodate more customers.

In order to integrate a new area into an existing driveway or parking lot, the area to be paved must be dug out and have a fresh sub-base installed to suit the particular use of the addition. The existing driveway or area must be cut in order to make a smooth and uniform transition before the new area can be paved.

Call Reis for All Your Asphalt Pavement Solutions

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